Looking for a workout with a difference?
Want to find out what your body can really do?
Fighting Fit have compiled a unique and exciting opportunity to get started in calisthenics with a nail the basics workshop that aims to get you hitting the ground running with body weight training.
This workshop will help you learn about and expand your body's limitations paying attention to technique, detail whilst having fun.

You will learn:
- Muscle ups
- Levers
- Handstands and hand balancing
- Ring and bar with

No experience required. This is a great opportunity for beginners and the more advanced bar stars alike to come and share a space and learn. A gym user level of fitness and strength will help make the most of the day.

The whole event will only cost £40. Sign up not by clicking on the link or send enquiries to gym@fightingfitmanchester.co.uk

Calisthenics Workshop