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Fun ways to exercise and keep fit in Manchester

Whilst your usual day or night out may involve plenty of calories this may not always fit within your nutrition and fitness plan. You would be surprised at how many ways there is to keep healthy and fit whilst also having a social gathering with friends. Funnily enough head strength and conditioning coach Mike has tried a majority of them and has put together his top 5 fun ways to exercise and keep fit in Manchester.


Trampoline parks:

There are so many of these popping up everywhere now and they are a great inexpensive way of having a fun day out whilst being a great form of exercise. Make sure you haven’t done a leg workout the day before. Front flips are surely a form of calisthenics? Go Air isn't too far of a drive from our gym in the city centre.


Rock climbing:

Again another great way to spend the day with friends or even a way of working out and training on your own. Its great if you have a competitive nature as you wont want to leave until you complete a route. Great for building upper body strength. Check out Rock Over Climbing as they aren’t too far from our gym, open until 10pm in the week and it’s a great place to see how well the strength gains on our exercise programmes you are making transfer to climbing.



You would be surprised how a day of walking really influences health and fitness. Even with all of the training I do it wasn’t an easy day and it was a great leg workout.


Adventure experiences:

Essentially a more extreme version of the previous, but you don’t have to travel as far. With one hidden in the grounds around Trafford centre (Aerial Extreme) these adventure courses are a great fitness activity with different obstacles to attack. It could even be classed as calisthenics the things you will be climbing. Again a great way to see how the strength you are gaining at classes transfers to other areas.


Fighting Fit Strength and Performance

It may be slightly biased for me to include however I have fun here and keep fit so it meets all of the criteria. With Aspire, Ultimate, Performance, Powerlifting programmes alongside a great facility and community you will definitely enjoy getting fit. From calisthenics to kettlebell classes alongside mobility and nutrition seminars you definitely wont be struggling to exercise and keep up your fitness levels here. If you are new to the gym you can also arrange to meet a personal trainer to define your goal and create a free programme for you.




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